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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bring lasting hope to the vulnerable in rural communities in Africa by providing them with holistic (emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual) and loving care so they can embrace this world as contributing members of society.

Our vision is that people in need are offered a glimmer of hope and opportunities to reach what once seemed hopeless.

We Value

Family: to create a safe and stable environment of love that produces self-worth and moral values.


Individuals: to become self sufficient through training opportunities 


Children:  to provide subsistence, because they deserve a future


Community: to foster positive community- based relationships


ARK (Acts of Radical Kindness) Missions Outreach is a Christian charity established in 2016 with the heart and the passion to reach the less privileged in local rural communities in Africa i.e. low-income earners, orphaned children, basically those in need. The now established mission hopes to promote health, wellness, feed the hungry, provide education and training opportunities. 

We believe every one has a right to survive and thrive: to be healthy, protected, free from poverty and to be educated and most importantly come to know our Lord Jesus Christ in a deep and personal way. 


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President & Founder

Ann Ebere- Anaba, graduated as a Youth and Community worker, at the University College Cork, Ireland. Due to her passion for young people, she worked with young people from a disadvantaged background, mentoring and planning programmes to support and enhance their second chance education programme.

She further worked as a community development officer, in a Family Resource Centre, coordinated homework club for primary school children and worked with their families.

Ann later went back to college to complete Master’s degree in Public health and health promotion. Subsequently, she identified several health needs after her brief visit to Nigeria in 2016.

To achieve this, she initiated a free medical mission trip which was sponsored by a charity known as, Global Missions Ireland (GMI). and her work has had a lasting impact in the communities the team has visited.

Her roots run deep as a native who understands first-hand what it means to have no avenue for the marginalized and vulnerable to access primary care. Her dedication and achievement have been impressive, she voluntarily continues to help others beyond her community and in doing so has helped and made life better for many who are vulnerable.

Her interest, is to develop sustainable programmes, create health and wellbeing awareness, particularly in the rural areas where there are limited resources. She also aims to collaborate with other NGOs to empower, support young people and women through education and training. 

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Mental Health and Children Outreach Program Coordinator

Cynthia Ebere-Anaba studied Psychology and completed her masters in Applied Psychology where she continued her focus on Paediatric Psychology. She is currently undertaking her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Cynthia was a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) and the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC).

Her interests are in the field of Child and Family mental health, primary healthcare, positive psychology as well as Medical and Psychological research. She has a great interest in volunteering and improving the quality of life of children and their families. She volunteered on the ground with the 2019 ARK Outreach team.

She previously volunteered with three different organisations all relating towards supporting children (ISPCC), and Psychology students in Ireland (PSI Student Affairs Group) and across Europe (European Federation of Psychology Students Association).



Alexis Amaye is a scholar, social activist, and businesswoman. For over 15 years she has worked in governmental, non-governmental, and private sectors in disaster management training, planning, and evaluation in New York, California, and Florida. Simultaneously, she managed a consultancy focused on small, medium, and large enterprise capacity building. With a PhD in Business Information System from the University College Cork, her company, Free2Transform supports organisations in leadership development and performance management.


Special Projects Coordinator & Co.Founder

Evelyn’s career has spanned over 15 years with experiences on working with people from diverse backgrounds and works of life.  Evelyn has traveled to several countries round the world such as, Armenia, Kenya on missionary trips working with the homeless, orphans and less privileged.  She worked with a non-profit organization on a street evangelism that offered not only the Gospel but food and board.

In 2015, she volunteered at a soup kitchen to feed people recovering from drug use, while managing a College food bank to raise hunger awareness. She has a passion for the lonely child, the homeless man, the broken woman, the hopeless situations, and she is commitment to building relationship and for problem solving. Currently, she serves as the Outreach Program and Special Projects coordinator, on all collaborative projects.


Director & IT Support

Christopher Acheampong had both undergraduate and postgraduate education in Ireland (University College Cork).

Over the years he has work in social science research, Information Technology industry, sales, customer service and currently self employed in public service.

Christopher is involve in this mission for his passion to help others, in particular he enjoys extending a helping hand to the poor, the sick and to the needy.


Clinical Director,  Medical Outreach Program

Kene E Maduemem graduated from a Nigerian Medical School before he proceeded to residency training in Paediatrics for 2 years. He subsequently migrated to Republic of Ireland where he gained more experience in the field of Paediatrics.


He is currently a member of both the Royal College of Physicians Ireland and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK).

Presently, he lives in the United Kingdom where he is pursuing his Paediatric higher specialist training. His main interests include Primary Health Care, Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Clinical Research. He is undergoing an MSc. in Paediatric Emergency Medicine with University of Edinburgh.

He has great passion for voluntary medical missions and programmes to aid indigent people. Considering this, he was made the Clinical director of Ark Missions Outreach, Nigeria (in affiliation with Global Missions, Ireland).



Kimberly Barrett was born and raised in Texas, USA and relocated to the Republic of Ireland in 2006, studied and graduated with a BA degree in Applied Social Studies in 2019.


Kimberly has two boys and now a Music Manager of an emerging Songwriter Group. She is an aspiring artist in the film industry. Her passion is in women empowerment both locally and internationally.

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