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According to World Health Organisation (WHO 2012). Health Education is a process that enables families and communities to improve their health and, increasing their knowledge, attitudes, and skills.



Our Medical Outreach programme is aimed at reaching the unreachable, (those in the rural areas) to create awareness in the community, to educate the community on health and well-being, and to provide relevant medical intervention needed.



  • To identify people with specific health needs

  • To provide appropriate treatment/ intervention

  • To develop and maintain a relationship with the local community and the state government.

  • To create an effective awareness of health and well being in the rural areas.

  • To educate the community for promoting, maintaining, and improving individual, family, and community health.


ARK Global Missions -Nigeria's free medical/surgical mission trip, with a team of 18 Health Professionals and 12 volunteers.


The success of the trip speaks for itself, as more than 968 patients received treatment of various kinds and 24 successful surgeries were carried out.  Quite a few services were offered on the day, including, a Laboratory Clinic run by 4 laboratory scientists and some of the diagnostic investigations carried out in this unit include; Malaria parasite tests(MP), Hepatitis B surface Antigen(HBsAg), Hepatitis C virus (HCV), Retroviral Screening (RVS) and Random Blood Sugar (RBS).  These aforementioned investigations presented the following disease patterns and Infections; Urinary tract infections, STIs, Chest infections, Gastroenteritis (sometimes caused by foodborne diseases), Malaria and HIV infections.


Beneficiaries of the Surgical Unit ranged between the ages of 18 months to 76 years old and they presented with the following cases; Epigastric hernia, Right and Left Inguinoscrotal Hernia, Inguinal hernia and hydrocele, Right inguinal hernia, Lipoma and Neck swelling.

Services offered in the outreach;

  • General Clinic

  • Eye Clinic

  • Children’s Clinic

  • Health Education

  • Counselling

The General Clinic 

Over 600 people were identified with high level of High blood pressure, diabetes, and malaria. 

The Eye Clinic

 A high number of cataract cases were presented requiring immediate attention, Surgical cases and chronic illness were referred to tertiary center to access free surgery. Through generous donations from our sponsors, the Eye Clinic was able provide eye drops, medication and 350 free reading glasses to adults and children. 


Children clinic unit,

The Children clinic provided care to over 159 children. Surveillance of kidney disease in children, using urine dipstick testing kit. Nutritional assessment of children using auxology. They were treated accordingly, and other surgical cases were referred, I6 children were referred.


Health Promotion unit

The Health promotion unit, organized a training session, with one of the general practitioners, to empower our audience to care for themselves (their children or neighbours) by increasing their knowledge and skills.


We enlighten people on the danger of Diabetes and High blood pressure. The people widely accept the training and questions are answered. We also counsel individuals that test HIV positive after a retrovirus test is given and we refer them to the hospital where they would receive free HIV treatment.

We hope to do more and provide free surgery and after care to all urgent medical cases. Our aim is to save lives 

Help us achieve this goal

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